So far, no autopsy results have been released, at least that I could find. I read somewhere “staph infection”, but I only saw it one place, and blood clot seems to make more sense. I’m no doctor, so who knows.

My Candito (or Candido, “to” I believe is his given name, “do” was his ring name) post was actually noted on another website, and surrounded by rips on other blog entries and posts about Chris, mine actually seemed slightly positive:

Yet more Candido sentiment. Thing is, the decent Candido memorial posts seem to come from intelligent fans with true loves of wrestling. They don’t sound “smarky” or have the whole “fuck Candido he was a lifetime doper I have no sympathy for him I’M SO HEEEEEL” anti-sentiment you sometimes get on wrestling sites like this. Hell, people here are being reasonably well-behaved about Candido’s death. God knows people on TheDDT are making more Sytch jokes than anything else. I’m doing it, too – there’s something about contributing to a fund where the only beneficiary is Tamara Lynn Fytch that I don’t like.

It is funny how wrestling fans especially seem to like having an online personna to mirror the attention that their favorite wrestlers achieve. Lots of wrestling fans are attention whores for whatever reason – maybe they weren’t popular in school, maybe they’re a little scary, maybe they’re envious of what wrestlers (and other television personalities) receive just by walking out a door. I used to be a regular on IRC in wrestling chat rooms and those type of things, and there were people there who just couldn’t drop the act. They’re the ones who challenge other online people to fistfights (“Name the place, I’ll be there!”, knowing full well that the two people are 2000 miles apart), saying things purely for shock value, claiming to enjoy things that no one likes (“Dude, I’m such a big Vicera fan!”), and pretty much saying the complete opposite of what more than two people agree with (“You know, Chris Benoit’s an overrated worker. He’s no Paul London.”)

I always thought it was a wrestling thing, but it’s carried over to pretty much any message board or chat room I’ve ever been in. I frequent a message board for a baseball game, and I still see the same stuff (albeit with less frequency).

I wish I could like wrestling now, but I’m pretty much at the point I was at around ’94-’95. The only thing that got me back into wrestling then was ECW, but I sadly don’t see an ECW on the horizon that’s going to get me interested again.

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