Monday – Walking Dead, in the raw?

I feel bad just posting a link to my Pop Bunker Walking Dead recap, so I’ll give you guys something else. If you’re interested, after the break I’ll post my “notes” that I keep while I watch the show that I later turn into my recap. I generally write them as I’m watching live and not go back for anything or pause, so there are typos and all kinds of crap that comes from me typing as fast as I can while still trying to pay attention. I also can’t remember character names for crap, so I mark them with something to remember them by.

SPOILERS: there will be some for the current episode, so if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it, then read my actual recap over at Pop Bunker, then read this gibberish.

OK – here’s what I had. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Episode 2.7 - Pretty Much Dead Already

LAST TIME: Glenn sees THEB BNARN, MY WIFE IS IN THERE they're not people did more for her, you're vague, otis was a hero, i'm pregnant, shane and I, I know


Cooking eggs - Andrea's sharpening her knife and being badass. Rick's looking a little distant. Maggie got that OH NO YOU DIDN'T LOOK towards the group/Glenn, but Dale give him the OH YES YOU SHOULD. Glenn's got to say something. The barn's full of walkers. Uh oh.

Shane looks in ther, because Glenn's a liar. ZOMBIE EYE. Shane - we have to make things right, or we have to go. My daughters still there. We found a doll. YOU FOUND A DOLL. Shane notes that if Sophia saw Daryl and his ears she'd run. Hershel sees those zombies as people. His daughter is in there (Dale says). Shane's pissed no one told him. 

Shane's scoping THE BARN. Seeing how strong it is. 

Maggie's pissed at Glenn, not talking to him. Give me your hat. Puts an egg in the hat and smashes it on Glenn's head. "Why would you waste an egg like that. I think it was rotten.

Carl's doing homework. Carl's not leaving until they find sopia, and he doesn't want to leave after that. Lori says they're not leaving. She's going to like it here - it can be a home. Lori with a hug - oh you poor poor boy.

Daryl's got a saddle. Sophia's mom says he can't go searching. mom says no - he's got a heal. Daryl doesn't care. We don't know if we're gonna find her. I don't. "can't lose you too". Mom's got some feelings for Daryl. Daryl's pissed - throws off saddle and hurts himself. Stupid bitch.

Glenn's hatless. Any chance you've got an extra hat? Dale took it off! Andrea's going off with Shane. I don't know what's goin on with you and him. You may not really know him. We don't need to do this. You don't like him. It's not that. Is that how you want to be - like him? You don't know him. You want to beat me up any time I show concern. You want to get me soem water? Dale's in thought - zipps up gun bag.

Hershel is EATING. Rick comes a callin'. Hershel's reading the bible. We can help you with work - It's my field to tend. Rick says he found the barn. Leave it be. I'd like to talk about it. Leave it be. I need you and your group gone by the end of the week. I talked to Dale - we have our differences. the way we look at the walkers. they may be dead or alive - we are alive. my conscience is clear i gave you safe harbor. This farm is special you've been shielded. It's been a long time. It is much worse than what you've seen on TV. It makes you a worse person. Please don't send us out there again. My wife is pregnant. That's either a give here or a death sentence out there. We would be able to stay and help. I thought about it - you can't stay. THINK ABOUT IT. Maggie hears - she's not happy. Another person not to talk it.

THE BARN - Shane's having a staring contest with THE BARN. Rick comes. What's it going to be. We're negiociating. Clock's ticking. Barn is secure. We know about it now though. Why do you want to stay here if it's not safe? Lori's pregnant. Shane's OMG. We need our guns. We need to stay. You good? Yeah. Shane says *gulp* congrats. Back to barn-starin'.

Maggie's preparing food. Hershel says Carl doesn't need any more of my help. He was being dramatic - they need to find their own farm. No - they're full of walkers. How are they my responsibility? Maggie starts quoting the bible. Love one another she says - that's what mom told her. Hershel remarried. Is this about you and the asian boy? His name is Glenn and he saved me from someone that's "siock" it's not about me and glenn, it's about you. Redshirt says it happened again.

Hershel's meeting with Rick - Rick's going to go search with Andrea. Hershel needs Rick. Andrea wants to help. NO THANK YOU WOMANFOLK.

Lori's chopping food - Shane goes to see her. I thought he was dead. When he came back, I wished he was. Not because I wanted you, because I knew he'd be dead. Rick's not built for this world. How many times have I saved you? 4. Rick showed up late. Rick went to save a drug dealer and we lost Amy. Shane says the baby is his. Even if it's yours its not going to be yours and nothing going to change that. Shane says he doesn't need to.

Shane walks away in Stone Cold mode. Carl stops him. Expression changes. I don't think Sophia's dead. Carl's laying down the law. I know that's what we should do. He says it's bullshit. Lori calls over Carl. Shane says he doesn't want o hear that kind of language out of him .

Shane's in the RV, looking for stuff - tearing it apart. He's pissed. Som of a bitch. You see where he went? Dale? Why';d he bail? Shane says he wouldn't get it.

Hershel brings redshirt and Rick to a swamp area. Two walkers - Hershel knows them. He says that if he wants to stay on his farm, it's his rules, and apparently it means picking up walkers like they were dog catchers.

Daryl shows mom the flowers - remember my vague reference a few episodes ago? Daryl apologizes. Why? Because I think she's still out there. Whatelse I got to do?

Hershel and Rick have the walkers. 

Glenn calls out for Maggie. You told dale - fine. My dad's going to kick them out - I had to tell them. I wanted to. I forgot - I let them lower me into that well like it was fun, like it was Portal. I forgot they were dangerous. I'd wather have you pissed and alive then dead. Hey, Walker Bait - don't call me taht. Glenn - kiss and make up.

Shane finds Dale. Give me the bag. No. You going to shoot me like you did otis, tell abother story. Man, you pretty much dead already -0 just give me the guns. you think this ois going to keep us safe? Just give me the guns. Dale's going to have to shoot you. Dale's ready to shoot - gun is leaded. Glenn keep walking. Shane keeps walking gun to his chest. Dale puts the gun down. This is where you belong. I may not have what it takes to last for long. When this world turned to shit it didn't take m along with it. Dale gives him back the guns.

49 minutes in T-DOG IS WALKING but everyone else meets up. You with me? Shane's pssing out the guns. We need to find sophia, right? He's ready to give Carl a gun. OH SHIT says T-Dog - here come rick and Hershel and redhsirts with the walkers. Shane's going nuts. This is what they're talking about. Shane plugs away at one walker in the chest -w ould someone living come back from that? PLUG PLUG finally a shot to the head. Shane's lost it. He's opening up the BARN. And here comes the walkers - Shane's in loine, Andrea, too, and they're all gunning down the barn. Hershel's on his knees watching it. The whole group - even Glenn (who asked maggie) blowing away the barn. Not all headshots, shocking enough. Dale's here finally - WTF is going on. Oops, there's one left. A young one. It's... well, we've found Sophia.Mom's down, and Daryl's trying to comfort her. Carl's hysterical. Rick walks up - rest are just looking. Rick draws... and pulls the trigger.



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