Pressing Your Luck

I think most of us go though financial issues at one time or another. It could be something minor, like an unexpected bill, or something major, like the loss of a job. Regardless of the severity, it never feels good. Personally, I get this knot in my stomach, usually when I get the email from my bank about a “low balance”. How we react to that knot affects whether or not the knot will come back, and its frequency.

Some people make well thought out decisions, carefully looking at options, making minor changes in lifestyle and choices to make things easier as a whole, despite perhaps making it a little harder in the short term. “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone” applies to both Cinderella ballads and stuff like instant Netflix. Choose carefully. Cancelling a service may seem good on paper, but once its done, it often can be more difficult to bring back and you can incur “reactivation fees” on top of restoring the service.

Some people take a more drastic route, electing to do things for money that they never thought they’d do. We get to see this a lot in the entertainment industry, where there’s a great deal of money to be had, depending on what level you’re willing to embarrass yourself or “sell out”. It might be as simple as a commercial in Japan, or something like the show Splash. The actors in these cases are generally doing these jobs with an ulterior motive; while the money is often the main reason, exposure to the public can often be the real reason the actors take the jobs. This exposure can occasionally be taken too literally. But hey – if you’re an actor “lowering yourself” to do a commercial, remember that those commercials are where you probably started, and where tons of actors would give anything to get the commercial you have. Oh, and a word of advice? Read the script first:

For a lot of people though, there’s the lottery. Just a little bit of hope against a mountain of odds. Lets face it – anyone playing the lottery knows that chances are more likely that they’re not going to win it than win it, but it’s that glimmer of hope – that one in a million chance – that keep people going to websites like to see if their numbers came up.

Whatever way you have to do it, I wish you the best of luck.

(And if you do hit that jackpot, I’ll take a cut. It was my idea, remember?)

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