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Pairing Up Part 2 – The EPL Search Continues

About three months ago, I set out on a quest to find a Premier League soccer team. English soccer was coming on channels that I actually received in the States, and after enough time playing Football Manager to actually adopt a Scottish team (Celtic) and an Italian team (AC Milan), I figured it would be easy enough to adopt an English team.

I was wrong. Continue reading Pairing Up Part 2 – The EPL Search Continues

Pairing Up – A Yank Tries To Adopt a Premier League Team

I’ve been threatening to become a soccer fan for a couple of years now (thanks, Football Manager 2012) and now with news that England’s Premier League has a full-blown American TV contract with NBC Sports, it might be time to pick a team there. I’ve thrown my support behind a few teams (usually thanks to FM) such as Celtic in the Scottish Premier League and the local Carolina Railhawks, but I’ve let to get behind a team in a “major” league. With other sports, there’s always been some outside influence that made me a fan of the team, whether it be my mom’s brainwashing at birth (New York Yankees), my grandparents not wanting to use a catalog (Miami Dolphins), or proximity (Carolina Hurricanes). But not here. I’m flying (relatively) blind going into this. I will do this the way that people were meant to support sports teams – for petty, ridiculous reasons.

This seed got planted in my head a while back by Bill Simmons, eons ago when he used to write about sports and be entertaining. He wrote his post(s) back in 2006, and had the help of a huge readership that sent him thousands of emails to give his reasoning for picking their team. Email would be obsolete (and I’d be long dead) before I reached 100 emails about the subject, so I don’t have the benefit that he did going into this. All I have is Wikipedia and a few facts I’ve gotten from the handful of soccer fans that I know. Continue reading Pairing Up – A Yank Tries To Adopt a Premier League Team