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[Quick Post] Glee: “The Spanish Teacher”

You know I love to nitpick, but with “Glee”, I’ve learned to accept that those kids live in supermagicland where rival schools have song battles in parking garages and a football team can play a championship game with a roster full of girls and a kid in a wheelchair and somehow keep it close enough for the “regular team” to come out in the second half and win. I’ve learned to concede that maybe JUST MAYBE a club with a bunch of attractive people, football players, and cheerleaders would still get mocked on a regular basis in high school.

But this just got me. Continue reading [Quick Post] Glee: “The Spanish Teacher”

Super Bowl 46: The Ads (Fourth Quarter)

This is it – the final stretch. Thirteen more ads shown during the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. In the 80s and early 90s, no one wanted these spots due to the large leads teams would have by this time, leaving only people following betting pools still watching. But more recently, close contests have made these commercials some of the most watched – at least by those that weren’t rushing to the bathroom during a whistle or too drunk to remember.

Let’s wrap this up, shall we?  Continue reading Super Bowl 46: The Ads (Fourth Quarter)

Super Bowl 46: The Ads (Third Quarter)

We’re back for the second half of the ads from Super Bowl 46. I wouldn’t let you down (also, the second half, just by its nature of having some repeated ads from the first half, has fewer new ads, making this a little less daunting.)

For those just stumbling upon this for the first time, we did the first quarter and second quarter yesterday, with the fourth quarter still to come later today.

Anyway, on to the ads! Continue reading Super Bowl 46: The Ads (Third Quarter)

Super Bowl 46: The Ads (Second Quarter)

OK, we did the first quarter, and the second quarter is a major one, because that’s when the people who show up late come in and everyone is all settled in and paying (at least a little) attention. 24 of these bad boys to get through, so you’ll excuse me if I don’t pick apart every single one.

So let’s get on with it, shall we? Continue reading Super Bowl 46: The Ads (Second Quarter)

Super Bowl 46: The Ads (First Quarter)

So, I watched (most of) Super Bowl 46, and since I kind of hate both teams that were playing in it, I think the only thing I really want to talk about is what everyone else always talks about – the ads. Here’s my quick recap to the Super Bowl ads. The first quarter, in order (at least Yahoo’s order): Continue reading Super Bowl 46: The Ads (First Quarter)

Napoleon Dynamite and New Opportunities

A little before the Christmas I got a note on Twitter from Brooke Cain, the main lady over at Raleigh’s News & Observer‘s TV blog, “Happiness Is A Warm TV“. I’ve chatted with her a few times about random TV stuff and knew she was a fan of my blogging (OK, maybe not a fan, but she’s at least read some of my posts, which puts her in select company), specifically my “Walking Dead” recaps over at The Bunker. She asked if I’d be interested in viewing two screener episodes of the animated version of “Napoleon Dynamite” and doing a quick write-up/preview of them. She assumed that I was a fan of the movie (I wasn’t) and that I could sit through two episodes of something that was shaping up to be a major stinker.

(Did I just use the term “stinker”?) Continue reading Napoleon Dynamite and New Opportunities

[NERD ALERT] Nitpicking Last Night’s TV

I know I need to let some things go and I don’t want to end up being one of those guys who can write a thesis on the inaccuracies of a show like House or Law & Order, but two things irked me about shows that I like very much last night.

THE BIG BANG THEORY – I was reminded by my lovely wife that BBT has had different writers recently, which explains why the show has gone from “must see” to “typical sitcom with geek references” in recent years. This week’s episode was a funny one, mainly thanks to Mayim Bialik giving me one of the first LOL moments I’ve had with BBT in recent memory after Amy receives her gift from Sheldon. But the part that Continue reading [NERD ALERT] Nitpicking Last Night’s TV

Monday – Walking Dead, in the raw?

I feel bad just posting a link to my Pop Bunker Walking Dead recap, so I’ll give you guys something else. If you’re interested, after the break I’ll post my “notes” that I keep while I watch the show that I later turn into my recap. I generally write them as I’m watching live and not go back for anything or pause, so there are typos and all kinds of crap that comes from me typing as fast as I can while still trying to pay attention. I also can’t remember character names for crap, so I mark them with something to remember them by.

SPOILERS: there will be some for the current episode, so if you haven’t seen it yet, watch it, then read my actual recap over at Pop Bunker, then read this gibberish. Continue reading Monday – Walking Dead, in the raw?