New Updates – NCAA Football and MLW Reload

Well, there’s content on the site again, and we’re pleased to announce a new writer on the staff. Chris Buse joins us with It’s Too Early, an article about the NCAA Football situation and the Heisman Trophy. He’s also (with the help of Andy Doran) put together a NCAA Top 25, along with a Heisman watch, which can be found here. Chris will be writing for us on a regular basis, and could be just the beginning of more writers joining the staff. Also, I recently went to the MLW Reload show, and posted a review of it. Check it out.

Update and NCAA 2003 Review

    Yeah yeah yeah, long time, long time. I’ve had very little writing inspiration as of late, but I’m hoping that in the near future, that will change.

    Finally, something new has been posted. A review for NCAA Football 2003 for the PS2 is up, and I’ll be posting a few more reviews in the days to come. I’ve also got my first interview lined up, which will be up in the coming week or so.

    So, enjoy what we have for now, and as always, if you want to annoy the webmaster, is the place to send the emails to.

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Open For Business is finally open for business, and we welcome you to our site. In the upcoming weeks and months, will be the place to go for online commentary, opinionated reviews of television, music, and literature, interviews with interesting people, and some of our own fictional writing. We hope that can be the place that you go to when you want to be entertained, and at the same time come away a bit more informed.

    Also, at this time, we are looking for writers. If you have a sense of humor, but take your writing seriously, please contact and send a writing sample. We are always looking for writers who can add to

    For now, please feel free to check out two articles already posted in the time leading up to our reopening. I wrote an article called “Where’s The Fire” , which can be found in the Articles section.

    Enjoy, and thank you for visiting

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