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Your 2012 “If I had a Baseball HOF ballot” post Part 1 – The Newbies

Since the announcement for the Baseball Hall Of Fame voting results takes place this coming Monday, I suppose I should get around to that “if I had a ballot, here’s how I’d vote” post that every baseball blogger has to put out, since the ultimate goal for a baseball writer is to actually have a vote that counts for the Hall of Fame. Well, #1 is probably “get paid for writing about baseball”, with “actual HoF vote” a close second.

So, let’s go over this ballot, first with the newcomers. This years newcomer class is a thin one – and I don’t suspect that many will be around next year when it’s time to vote again. In Part 2, we’ll address those that have already been on the ballot and wrap it all up. Continue reading Your 2012 “If I had a Baseball HOF ballot” post Part 1 – The Newbies

All I Want For Christmas Is Yu

I mentioned on Twitter that someone would have to use that as their blog post title, and then I figured I’d just run with it. Plus, I figured it would give me an excuse for some bad (perhaps horrifying) Photoshop.

Anyway, for those that don’t know, the hottest “free agent” (more on that later) in baseball is Yu Darvish, one of the best pitchers in Japan, who was recently made available by his NPL team, the Nippon-Ham Fighters. Darvish makes for an interesting gamble for major league teams due to his age (25), which is much younger than any of the free agent starting pitchers currently available (due to MLB players needing six years of major league experience to become a free agent, most free agents are in their late 20s and 30s). Darvish has been rather impressive statistically for Nippon-Ham, posting a sub-2 ERA the last five seasons: Continue reading All I Want For Christmas Is Yu

Jose Reyes Signs With The Marlins. No, Really.

We laughed when the Florida Miami Marlins revealed their new uniforms. We mocked them when they unveiled their thing-that-pops-up-when-they-hit-a-home-run-thing. We rolled our eyes when they “made an offer” to Albert Pujols for nine years but under $200 million. We even snickered when the Marlins opened up the pocketbook and dropped $27 million on a closer. Now, baseball sources confirm that the Marlins have signed former Met Jose Reyes to a 6-year, $106 million contract.

Who’s laughing now?

Well, some writers still aren’t crazy about the signing. Rob Neyer doesn’t like it for the Marlins down the line. Although I’m a Neyer fan and understand his concerns, I like the deal for the Marlins for a few reasons. Continue reading Jose Reyes Signs With The Marlins. No, Really.

2011-12 MLB Offseason Outlook: Catchers

I thought I’d try to take a look at this coming offseason with free agency and potential player movement, and there’s generally two ways to do that – by team and by position. Since it would end up being longer to do it by team (and you know my attention span), I figured we’d do it by position. Today’s position (my personal favorite) – catchers. Continue reading 2011-12 MLB Offseason Outlook: Catchers

Marlins to Pujols: Come Now, Stay FOREVER

Yahoo’s Tim Brown suggested and now FOX Sports’ Ken Rosenthal is confirming that the Florida Miami Marlins have offered a nine year deal to Albert Pujols. Nine. Years. Say it in the Ed Rooney voice: NINE. YEARS. While contracts that length aren’t unheard of, they’re usually seen with young franchise players having their primes bought out. Pujols will be 32 on Opening Day 2012, meaning a nine-year deal would take him through age 40, not exactly prime playing time. Continue reading Marlins to Pujols: Come Now, Stay FOREVER

Papelbon Continues Red Sox Exodus

This offseason promised to be a major one for the Boston Red Sox, and it is becoming more and more evident that the Sox of 2012 are going to look a *lot* different than the Sox of 2011. Their manager is unemployed, their general manager is now in Chicago, and now their closer works for the Philadelphia Phillies. Continue reading Papelbon Continues Red Sox Exodus