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Blogging and Responsibility

I’ve been blogging off and on for over ten years now. I’ve never been able to make a living off of writing, but I have – on rare occasions – gotten some form of compensation for it. It hasn’t always been actual money; I’ve written for free swag, webspace, and beer, among other things. This shouldn’t be surprising for someone who signed up for three-and-a-half years to potentially enter burning buildings in exchange for “free t-shirts and beer.” But 99% of my writing/blogging has been for no compensation outside of the thrill of seeing my name online and hearing someone say that they read my post and that I got a handful of hits on the website.

Anyway, I’ve kind of talked about this in the past when I rambled about Puck Daddy, but that post was about visibility and opportunity. Today’s rambling is about responsibility.

SBNation is a network of about 40 bazillion individual sports blog websites, kind of united under one banner. Every team has a website, as does every sport, with SBNation kind of operating as a grand overseer, promoting the best posts of its individual websites (one of which I’m very fond of) on its central SBNation website. Most (if not all) of these websites existed before SBNation came along and SBNation-alized them, so content and editorial quality can vary greatly.

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Back on the wagon

Look at that – I’ve broken through the combination of bitterness and writers block and self-doubt to make a post, and at 2400+ words, it was one of my trademarked rambling posts. That said, I don’t think I rambled too much, especially since I really could have written more – I think ADHD meds tend to be misunderstood due to those that choose to abuse them, so a little insight can be a welcome thing.

I’ve gotten some nice feedback on Twitter too:

“That…was INCREDIBLY interesting. And I’m not even following this story. Very well done!” – Lindsay Beaton, former Pop Bunker collegue

“An excellent article/blog, Tom. Thanks!” – Fred Schulcz, guy

“…I really liked the column. Thoughtful and well-written.” – Peter Krause, star of Parenthood & Sports Night comic creator [Irredeemable, Insufferable] & artist

“Great piece. Very informative.” – Steve Bennett, guy with a Far Side cartoon in his avatar

“[N]ice article. You oversimplified the [TUE] process…” – Will Carroll, sports injury expert, writer for Sports Illustrated, Internet curmudgeon

“I look forward to reading it later when I have more time.” – Wendy Thurm, ex-Long Islander, San Francisco Giants fan, writer for every baseball blog ever

You get the idea. Well, I hope you do since I’ve got no more quotes left – spread the word, people!

I’ll come up with something with more meat tomorrow. Maybe.

Napoleon Dynamite and New Opportunities

A little before the Christmas I got a note on Twitter from Brooke Cain, the main lady over at Raleigh’s News & Observer‘s TV blog, “Happiness Is A Warm TV“. I’ve chatted with her a few times about random TV stuff and knew she was a fan of my blogging (OK, maybe not a fan, but she’s at least read some of my posts, which puts her in select company), specifically my “Walking Dead” recaps over at The Bunker. She asked if I’d be interested in viewing two screener episodes of the animated version of “Napoleon Dynamite” and doing a quick write-up/preview of them. She assumed that I was a fan of the movie (I wasn’t) and that I could sit through two episodes of something that was shaping up to be a major stinker.

(Did I just use the term “stinker”?) Continue reading Napoleon Dynamite and New Opportunities