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Me vs US Airways

I’m a complainer. I’ll admit that. Being a cheap bastard, when I do actually spend money and don’t get what I pay for, I’m going to complain. The drawback of that was that I generally hate confrontation, but hooray for the Internet, allowing us to complain through things like email and social media. It’s actually very effective (well, usually it is) and very therapeutic, as long as you don’t overkill it. Most companies want to hear if something goes wrong and will bend over backwards to make it better. Those that don’t – well, they end up getting blog posts written about them. Continue reading Me vs US Airways

So much for J-List

    Maybe it was the interview.

    I’m not sure, but for whatever reason, Tara’s second order from J-List disappeared. All the processes were gone through, and she got her notification that the order was places, and that she’s be receiving a confirmation email within 24 hours. 24 hours passes, and no email. Tara contacts J-List, which tell her that it’s odd that she never received a confirmation email. They tell her to order again.

    Herein lies the problem.

    J-List keeps a revolving stock of their products. Everything that they keep in inventory is in a “limited quantity”, which is something I’ve found to be a plus and a minus for their site. It’s relatively smart, since they constantly bring in new items without having to have a massive inventory or have to have people scrolling through hundreds of items to see what’s available. It’s not as smart, however, when you run out of a product that people have a demand for, and you don’t know when you can get it back in.

    Tara ordered a lot of stuff from J-List this particular time; not enough to even put into memory, so replicating the order would have been tough enough as it stands. Add onto that the fact that a decent percentage of items that Tara did know she ordered aren’t on the site anymore, and are therefore not available. It was bad enough waiting for a package that had to come over from Japan and go though cutoms; add onto that waiting for J-List to determine when (and if) they were going to restock the products we wanted, and you start to get into a serious wait for what you’re looking for. That’s just bad business.

    It’s becoming more evident that Peter Payne did study too much Japanese (as he said in his interview) when he went to Japan, and not enough business. Most companies that sell products (especially online) stop selling the product when their stock gets very low, but not zero. This assures that in a worst case senerio things can be replaced (if broken or lost), and more importantly, will keep customers happy, because the product that they ordered will be received. J-List, instead of trying to make a bad situation better, took an “oh well” approach, and never took any action to correct it.

    Well, needless to say, Tara’s had it with J-List, and I can’t say I’ll recommend them again. If you want Japanese porn, they seem to be the place to go (since Peter seems to take a great interest in it), but outside of that, it’s a crapshoot. Damn shame, is what it is.