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The newest trend in giftgiving – nothing

I got this from the Miami Dolphins (who have possibly the worst online “pro shop” in all of sports) in my email today:

NEED A LAST MINUTE GIFT, FAST? Virtual gift cards are delivered via e-mail within 24 hours!

I understand how people don’t like gift cards because there isn’t that much “thought” put into them, but I can understand them; I wouldn’t want to shop for me, since I’m very particular with the things I use, and a gift card makes life easier for people, especially if they’re sending something in the mail (instead of cash).

But really, what kind of message does it send to say “hey, here’s an email that you’ll probably delete as spam because I forgot that tomorrow is Christmas because I live in Antarctica and South Pole people refuse to acknowledge the actions of those at the North Pole”?

These are kind of the layers of giftgiving: Continue reading The newest trend in giftgiving – nothing

Dolphins “flexed” out of prime time

The NFL has announced that the Dolphins-Jets game that was originally scheduled to take place at 1:00PM that had been moved to 8:15PM was once again being moved, this time to 4:15PM. It was moved to the prime time slot (where the country would be able to see it as the sole game available) because it looked to be a battle of traditional rivals fighting for one playoff berth and the division title. After the outcome of yesterday’s games, it was bumped to 4:15PM, where it is still technically in a “better” time spot (competing with only one other game instead of five), but doesn’t have the wide audience that the prime time game would have had. Continue reading Dolphins “flexed” out of prime time