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The Deal That Broke Frank Costanza’s Heart (and mine too)

The post below was an excerpt from a post I was writing that would act as my “submission” for the Hall of Nearly Great project. While I wasn’t actually asked to write for it, I thought Jay Buhner would be ideal for it, and I couldn’t think of anyone better to write it. The Hall of Nearly Great e-book came out this past summer and is great, even without me in it – click on the link to check it out.

As for this excerpt, it got a little long and didn’t flow the way I wanted the rest of my “submission” to go, but I liked it on its own and wanted to save it in some way before I edited the hell out of it. It sounds more like something you’d find in a biography than an essay. Hey – there isn’t a Bone biography yet, right? Someone call my agent! Better yet, someone get me an agent!

Oh, right – the post. Enjoy.

The Yankees were Jay Campbell Buhner’s second organization. Originally drafted by the Pittsburgh Pirates Continue reading The Deal That Broke Frank Costanza’s Heart (and mine too)

Adderall, Baseball, and me

Yesterday, Major League Baseball announced that Philadelphia Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz would be suspended for the first 25 games of the 2013 season for “testing positive for an Amphetamine in violation of Major League Baseball’s Joint Drug Prevention and Treatment Program.” According to Philly.com’s Matt Gelb and Bob Brookover, the Amphetamine in question is Adderall, a prescription drug used to treat narcolepsy and more commonly attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). While there haven’t been any reports as to whether or not Ruiz has been diagnosed with ADHD (or narcolepsy for that matter) and whether or not he had a legal prescription for the drug, the point is moot in the eyes of MLB, who list Adderall on their list of banned substances. Those who are prescribed Adderall by a MLB-certified doctor can apply for an exemption; since Ruiz didn’t have an exemption, it doesn’t matter (in MLB’s eyes) whether Ruiz had a legal prescription or not (I’ll get back to that later.)

The main issue I have with the discussion about Ruiz Continue reading Adderall, Baseball, and me

Papelbon Continues Red Sox Exodus

This offseason promised to be a major one for the Boston Red Sox, and it is becoming more and more evident that the Sox of 2012 are going to look a *lot* different than the Sox of 2011. Their manager is unemployed, their general manager is now in Chicago, and now their closer works for the Philadelphia Phillies. Continue reading Papelbon Continues Red Sox Exodus

More Bunker, More Walking Dead

Yet another Walking Dead recap over at Pop Bunker – read it at your leisure.

The hot stove is starting to warm up over in MLB, with free agency having started over a week ago and awards starting to be dished out. May have a post up today if I feel up to it, but considering that Walking Dead recap was over 3000 words, it’ll probably wait until tomorrow.

So, carry on and stuff.

それが日本で起こった (And That Happened In Japan)

So Craig Calcaterra thinks that since the World Series doesn’t start until Wednesday and MLB doesn’t want bloggers to talk about rumors and potential transactions, that there’s nothing to talk about.

Nippon Professional Baseball disagrees. Continue reading それが日本で起こった (And That Happened In Japan)

Looking Back – The 2006 MLB Trade Deadline (Part 3)

[NOTE: In case you missed them, here’s Part 1 and Part 2]

Working the trade deadline (and the weeks before that) is similar to the dilemma that comic fans have when shopping at a comic convention. When you first arrive, you’re excited to get what you want, and there are plenty of sellers. But what they’re offering may not be the best they have to offer, and they are likely to be priced higher than the seller really thinks they’re worth. If you luck out, you may find one seller that hasn’t gauged the market and has a bargain out there, but those are far and few between.

The buyer who waits until the last day of the show – those are the ones who get the deals. Knowing that they don’t want to lug all this stuff back to where they originally came from, sellers are more likely to mark down or negotiate a better price just to make sure that they get something for what they were selling, instead of going home without a sale. The seller might also be selling something that he wasn’t selling earlier in the show – something he wasn’t going to sell earlier but changed his mind. However, the buyer who waits until the last day looking for bargains may miss out on the things he really wanted – which were sold earlier – and risks either coming home himself empty-handed, or even worse buying something he didn’t really need just to say he bought something there, and dealing with the buyer’s regret in the months that follow.

So let’s see who got screwed on the 2006 trade deadline’s Sunday afternoon: Continue reading Looking Back – The 2006 MLB Trade Deadline (Part 3)

Looking Back – The 2006 MLB Trade Deadline (Part 2)

Last time, we took a look at the first moves in July that teams were taking to make their push to the 2006 playoffs. Sometimes, striking early can pay off, because the market hasn’t really been set and the whole range of potential trade targets is available. Additionally, you get those extra few weeks with your new player, giving him time to adjust to his new team and reaping the benefits of your upgrade.

And we hit the ground running again… Continue reading Looking Back – The 2006 MLB Trade Deadline (Part 2)

Looking Back – The 2006 MLB Trading Deadline (Part 1)

It’s been a while since I’ve done a baseball post, and I want to try to get at least three of these out a week, so here’s my opportunity to get the ball rolling. I haven’t really prepared for this – ideally I’ll keep article ideas in a queue so I have a topic when I need one – but for today I’ll stick by an old reliable: dissecting old trades. I tend to write a lot about these things and there was a lot of activity in 2006, so I’m going to have to break this up into a few parts. Today – the early deals. Continue reading Looking Back – The 2006 MLB Trading Deadline (Part 1)