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Back on the wagon

Look at that – I’ve broken through the combination of bitterness and writers block and self-doubt to make a post, and at 2400+ words, it was one of my trademarked rambling posts. That said, I don’t think I rambled too much, especially since I really could have written more – I think ADHD meds tend to be misunderstood due to those that choose to abuse them, so a little insight can be a welcome thing.

I’ve gotten some nice feedback on Twitter too:

“That…was INCREDIBLY interesting. And I’m not even following this story. Very well done!” – Lindsay Beaton, former Pop Bunker collegue

“An excellent article/blog, Tom. Thanks!” – Fred Schulcz, guy

“…I really liked the column. Thoughtful and well-written.” – Peter Krause, star of Parenthood & Sports Night comic creator [Irredeemable, Insufferable] & artist

“Great piece. Very informative.” – Steve Bennett, guy with a Far Side cartoon in his avatar

“[N]ice article. You oversimplified the [TUE] process…” – Will Carroll, sports injury expert, writer for Sports Illustrated, Internet curmudgeon

“I look forward to reading it later when I have more time.” – Wendy Thurm, ex-Long Islander, San Francisco Giants fan, writer for every baseball blog ever

You get the idea. Well, I hope you do since I’ve got no more quotes left – spread the word, people!

I’ll come up with something with more meat tomorrow. Maybe.