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A Few Words About The Kid – Gary Carter

AP Photo/Peter Southwick

I grew up on Long Island, brainwashed early by my mom to be a Yankees fan. As even a little kid, I knew baseball – so much to the point that I can remember my uncle showing me off to friends of his and how I could carry on conversations with them about player movement, team strengths and weaknesses, and overall “bar banter”. I can remember an adult asking me what I thought of Reggie Jackson getting traded to the Angels. I corrected him, telling him that Reggie wasn’t traded but that he left as a free agent.

Jackson signed with the California Angels in January of 1982. I turned seven the month prior.

Through the 80s, I went though the highs and lows of the Steinbrenner-helmed, Billy Martin-firing machine, always seemingly being one player away Continue reading A Few Words About The Kid – Gary Carter