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Our home internet went down yesterday morning sometime, and by the time I woke up this morning, it still wasn’t back up, which meant contacting my provider, Time Warner Cable, to bitch and moan about the service. Mind you, I’ve been a TWC customer since we moved down to NC almost seven years ago, and I’ve been quite happy with them; outages have been few and far between, usually resolved within the hour. I’ve always been a fan of cable internet over DSL, and from other experiences friends & family have had in the area with DSL, I’ve never felt I made the wrong choice.

That isn’t to say that I love Time Warner Cable. I love cable internet. The company behind them? Notsomuch. Continue reading ONE OF THE LUCKIEST CUSTOMERS OF TWC

Super Bowl 46: The Ads (Third Quarter)

We’re back for the second half of the ads from Super Bowl 46. I wouldn’t let you down (also, the second half, just by its nature of having some repeated ads from the first half, has fewer new ads, making this a little less daunting.)

For those just stumbling upon this for the first time, we did the first quarter and second quarter yesterday, with the fourth quarter still to come later today.

Anyway, on to the ads! Continue reading Super Bowl 46: The Ads (Third Quarter)