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Why I Write (and why I don’t)

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now – not just during the two month hiatus, but really ever since I got back to somewhat regularly writing for the blog. I wanted to give an idea as to what brought me back regularly, taking time out of my day (some more than others, thanks to my need to research things that don’t need to be researched) to do something that wasn’t making me any money, wasn’t making me famous, wasn’t helping with my job (hell, probably hurting my job more than anything, but not really), and really had no apparent benefit. It’s a question you could ask of a lot of bloggers, I’m sure, and they’re bound to give you a variety of answers ranging from providing a service, honing their skill, or out of pure enjoyment.

There is that, I guess, but I think most bloggers deep down want what I wanted – an audience. Continue reading Why I Write (and why I don’t)

Napoleon Dynamite and New Opportunities

A little before the Christmas I got a note on Twitter from Brooke Cain, the main lady over at Raleigh’s News & Observer‘s TV blog, “Happiness Is A Warm TV“. I’ve chatted with her a few times about random TV stuff and knew she was a fan of my blogging (OK, maybe not a fan, but she’s at least read some of my posts, which puts her in select company), specifically my “Walking Dead” recaps over at The Bunker. She asked if I’d be interested in viewing two screener episodes of the animated version of “Napoleon Dynamite” and doing a quick write-up/preview of them. She assumed that I was a fan of the movie (I wasn’t) and that I could sit through two episodes of something that was shaping up to be a major stinker.

(Did I just use the term “stinker”?) Continue reading Napoleon Dynamite and New Opportunities